Monday, March 18, 2013

Blog Hoppy

I was doing a bit of blog hopping the last couple of days and decided to share some of my findings!

At Bunbury in the Stacks (a blog I found today!) I read that at BBC 4 you can listen to an audible version of Neal Gaiman's Neverwhere and it has a quality cast (such as Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy and Natalie Dormer). The first episode which is one hour long is already available online. The rest of the episodes will be 30 minutes long and will broadcast each night this week Monday through Friday. I've listened to the first hour and love it! Very excited!

Dear Author reported that Google Reader is dead (by July). I used Google Reader for awhile, but stopped using it a year or so ago. I don't subscribe to blogs or anything to compile RSS feeds. I tend to visit a dozen or so blogs a day. Not always the same ones. I don't use twitter. I have a facebook page, but seldom visit it and I don't visit industry facebook pages or "like" them.

After reading the post at Dear Author I found many blogs had information about Google Reader in the last couple of days. The Intrepid Reader tells why she uses an RSS feed to follow her blogs. Maybe I need to rethink whether to use a news feed...and  I probably need to put a subscription link on my blog.

At the Angieville blog I was excited to see that Veronica Mars may become a movie! Did I mention I'm excited?!! There is a Kickstarter Project which people can pledge to so the movie can happen. I was really sad when the TV show was cancelled several years ago so I hope this happens and that it is great.

What are you excited about or up in arms about or sad to see happening?

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